Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SDO - Pay Revision Processing

1. Take pay Pay Revision Editing- Select revised pay menu
2. Give the option date.
3. Correct the basic pay, last pay change date and next increment date as per pay slip for enabling salary processing for the month.
4. Take service history-verify whether the basic pay as on each increment date is shown in the service history as per pay slip. If no, necessary correction should be made.
5. Service History should be correct from 01/07/2009. Drawn particulars from 1/7/2009 should be in spark
6. Then process the Pay Revision Arrear Processing.


  1. very gugguidance. thanks a lot


  2. Cannot process the salary details and took the bill thruogh SPARK. PIN NO. 448556, D.VIJAYAN.(A Message u are not authorised)Please help.