Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Pay Revision 2009 Modules in SPARK
In the salary matters menu, a new menu group is added as “Pay Revision 2009” with the following
Pay Revision Fixation
Pay Revision Editing
Pay Revision Status
Pay Revision Arrear Processing
Pay Revision Arrear Bill
PR PF Contribution Schedule
The following procedure may be followed.
Step I
Before Fixing Pay in the Revised Scales of Pay Please go to
Select Salary Matters--->Pay Revision 2009 --> Pay Revision Status
• The list consists of Designation, Revised and Pre-revised Scales, Name of the employee, PEN, Dept
General No,etc.
• Please check and verify whether the designation shown is in the correct Scale of Pay(Revised and Prerevised).
• If any discrepancy is noticed in the details shown, kindly report this to the concerned DMU through  for rectification before proceeding further. Please mail the details to also under the subject "PR 2009".

Step II
Select Salary Matters--->Pay Revision 2009 --> Pay Revision Fixation Menu and Select the employee.

Step III
Check the Designation, Scale of Pay (Revised and Pre-revised). The promotion details displayed may also
be verified for employees who have obtained promotion between the Option date and date of Fixation
Click “Confirm” button if the details are found correct.
Step IV
Click “Compute” button (which will be enabled only after clicking the confirm button) to calculate and display the pay fixation details as shown below.
• The fixation details will be computed by the system and then Pay Fixation Statement can be generated
by clicking on the button “Pay Fixation Statement”.
• If the Pay fixation Statement is found correct then Update the details into SPARK database by clicking
on the “Update” button
• If any discrepancy is found please do not update it to SPARK database and inform to SPARK
PMU by email to under the subject "PR 2009".
• If any corrections are required after pay fixation, the same can be edited using the “Pay Fixation editing”
• Those employees whose pay is not fixed in the Revised scale, their Salary will be processed based on Revised HRA and CCA (Vide para 31(page 9) of Pay Revision Order)
• Please verify and ensure that the service history, allowances history, present salary details etc are updated correctly using the “Pay Revision editing” Menu.
• Please Update all regular promotions, grade promotions, transfers, annual increments etc ordered till
 without fail

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