Thursday, January 27, 2011

Latest Software updates

The automated calculation has been added in SPARK by which the salary gross and Net will be shown without processing the salary.
Salary Process can be done only after  encashment details are updated in the previous month.
Arrear processing could be done only after updating the encashment details of the concerned months.
Treasury Account Number can be updated using the present salary module in SDO menu.
Present salary editing has been disabled from edit employee record. Present salary details could be editted  from the menu - Salary matter- changes in the month- Present salary.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Encashment Details

From the month of January 2011, all the users of SPARK are to enter ecashment details. For taking encashment details
Salary Matter-Encashment details-Select year and month and select the bill
Bill No- For Establishment bills- Give the bill no. given in the Treasury Bill Book
For SDOs- Give the number of the month as Bill No. ( For eg. For the bill of march, give no as 3).
Date of encashment; Date on which treasury authorities passed the bill.
Cash Amount; Net amount of the bill
Cheque Amount : zero.
RBR Amount : Zero
TC Amount : Total deduction in the bill + festival advance recovery in the bill
POC No. If available give the number or give zero
Total : No need to give the amount. system will automatically calulate it.