Thursday, August 11, 2011

SDO Pay Revision Arrear Processing -From date editing enabled

In Pay Revision Arrear Processing of SDO, from date editing has been enabled with validation for Pay Revision effective date.
In employee interface, provision for SDO's, to edit their personal details has been enabled.
Provision to view already drawn salary details has been added for SDO,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SDO - Pay Revision Processing

1. Take pay Pay Revision Editing- Select revised pay menu
2. Give the option date.
3. Correct the basic pay, last pay change date and next increment date as per pay slip for enabling salary processing for the month.
4. Take service history-verify whether the basic pay as on each increment date is shown in the service history as per pay slip. If no, necessary correction should be made.
5. Service History should be correct from 01/07/2009. Drawn particulars from 1/7/2009 should be in spark
6. Then process the Pay Revision Arrear Processing.

For cancelling wrong entry in encashment details

For Cancelling wrong entry in encashment details forward following details to or

Office ( As in Spark bill)
Type of bill ( whether salary bill or arrear bill)
Year and month of the bill ( if salary bill, month to which bill pertains, if arrear bill, month on which bill processed)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pay Bill Register now in SPARK

Generation of Pay Bill Register is now incorporated in SPARK.  Use " Salary Matters --> PBR " Menu.

Please verify the correctness and report.

Also note that any bill which is not generated through SPARK is to be entered using "Manually Drawn" option.  And any bill which is generated through SPARK but not encashed is to be cancelled.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If Password blocked

If password is blocked, please forward your request by email to Please furnish following details in the email- name, PEN and school name. The subject of the email should be password blocked.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Correct your Service History for error free pay fixation through SPARK

Employees are requested to correct their service history in the SPARK and update it for error free pay fixation. Yearly change of basic pay should be correctly given in the service history. The designation should be same through out the service history. Change in designation should be made in service history only after getting promotion or grade. ( For eg: In certain cases it is seen that in first year designation is given as HSST junior  and in second year it is given as HSST junior Chemistry. In such cases, designation should be corrected as HSST junior Chemistry and be same through out the service history).

Friday, April 29, 2011

Now Nodal officer can edit the Increment Date and Basic Pay

If the next increment date is different in SPARK than the actual date, Nodal officer can now change the increment date through Pay Revision Editing. If more than one increment is to be effected at a time, Nodal officer can change the basic pay through Pay Revision Editing

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Increase in HRA at Pre-Revised Scale

While generating salary bills from February 2011 in the Pre-Revised scale, HRA will be in higher rate. Please see the Pay Revision order -Page-8 Para-31. It is given as follows:
Employees who remain in the pre-revised scale of Pay
In the case of employees who remain in the pre-revised scales of pay beyond 1-2-2011, the benefits like HRA and other additions to pay will be payable at the revised rate on the basis of their pre-revised pay plus DA @ 64%

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Pay Revision 2009 Modules in SPARK
In the salary matters menu, a new menu group is added as “Pay Revision 2009” with the following
Pay Revision Fixation
Pay Revision Editing
Pay Revision Status
Pay Revision Arrear Processing
Pay Revision Arrear Bill
PR PF Contribution Schedule
The following procedure may be followed.
Step I
Before Fixing Pay in the Revised Scales of Pay Please go to
Select Salary Matters--->Pay Revision 2009 --> Pay Revision Status
• The list consists of Designation, Revised and Pre-revised Scales, Name of the employee, PEN, Dept
General No,etc.
• Please check and verify whether the designation shown is in the correct Scale of Pay(Revised and Prerevised).
• If any discrepancy is noticed in the details shown, kindly report this to the concerned DMU through  for rectification before proceeding further. Please mail the details to also under the subject "PR 2009".

Step II
Select Salary Matters--->Pay Revision 2009 --> Pay Revision Fixation Menu and Select the employee.

Step III
Check the Designation, Scale of Pay (Revised and Pre-revised). The promotion details displayed may also
be verified for employees who have obtained promotion between the Option date and date of Fixation
Click “Confirm” button if the details are found correct.
Step IV
Click “Compute” button (which will be enabled only after clicking the confirm button) to calculate and display the pay fixation details as shown below.
• The fixation details will be computed by the system and then Pay Fixation Statement can be generated
by clicking on the button “Pay Fixation Statement”.
• If the Pay fixation Statement is found correct then Update the details into SPARK database by clicking
on the “Update” button
• If any discrepancy is found please do not update it to SPARK database and inform to SPARK
PMU by email to under the subject "PR 2009".
• If any corrections are required after pay fixation, the same can be edited using the “Pay Fixation editing”
• Those employees whose pay is not fixed in the Revised scale, their Salary will be processed based on Revised HRA and CCA (Vide para 31(page 9) of Pay Revision Order)
• Please verify and ensure that the service history, allowances history, present salary details etc are updated correctly using the “Pay Revision editing” Menu.
• Please Update all regular promotions, grade promotions, transfers, annual increments etc ordered till
 without fail

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Latest Software updates

The automated calculation has been added in SPARK by which the salary gross and Net will be shown without processing the salary.
Salary Process can be done only after  encashment details are updated in the previous month.
Arrear processing could be done only after updating the encashment details of the concerned months.
Treasury Account Number can be updated using the present salary module in SDO menu.
Present salary editing has been disabled from edit employee record. Present salary details could be editted  from the menu - Salary matter- changes in the month- Present salary.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Encashment Details

From the month of January 2011, all the users of SPARK are to enter ecashment details. For taking encashment details
Salary Matter-Encashment details-Select year and month and select the bill
Bill No- For Establishment bills- Give the bill no. given in the Treasury Bill Book
For SDOs- Give the number of the month as Bill No. ( For eg. For the bill of march, give no as 3).
Date of encashment; Date on which treasury authorities passed the bill.
Cash Amount; Net amount of the bill
Cheque Amount : zero.
RBR Amount : Zero
TC Amount : Total deduction in the bill + festival advance recovery in the bill
POC No. If available give the number or give zero
Total : No need to give the amount. system will automatically calulate it.