Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Thanks for all the support given to me as DMU of SPARK in making SPARK a great success in Higher Secondary Education Department. As part of the new seat arrangements in the directorate, SPARK subject has been given to new person.


Aseef Reju.M.I.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dies-non Entry

Dies-non Entry

1 Salary Matters>>>>Changes in the month>>> Batch Diesnon
2.Click on Dies non for previous month
3. Enter Month for which dies non to be worked out as “August” Year –“2012”
4. No. of  Days “1”
5.Month on which Dies non to be effected- “ September” 2012
6. Select Employees – Select Gazatted and Non gazetted employees of the office
7. Confirm
8. Take Service Matter>>>Leaves>>>Leave Entry: ( For Gazatted employees:  Leaves>>> Leaves Availed)
9. Enter Leave Type as Dies non and enter the date of diesnon and insert.
10. Take manually Drawn Menu>>>Month –“08/2012”
11. Encachment Date : Encashment date of the salary bill of the month of September
12. Select Regular and enter the basic pay, DA and HRA of one day with minus sign. ( If you are not entering this menu, DA Arrears will be wrong)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Steps for SDO increment sanction

Login through SDO password
Take pay revision editing,
Change the basic pay, last pay change date and next increment date
Confirm the page

Take AG Pay Slip menu
Click the Select button of the first row in the table (latest pay slip details will be seen)
Select the Add New Entry in the Pay Slip Menu
Pay slip No and date will be seen
Give the effective date as the increment date
Give the Basic Pay, DA, HRA, CCA according to the month (DA should be according to the prevailing rate and not as on the Pay Slip)

If new pay slip is received, Use the menu ADD NEW PAY SLIP instead of Add new entry in the Pay Slip